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Services & Fees


Mileage will be 40p per mile if travelling further than 15 miles.


Private lessons are approximately 45 minutes, and groups 1 hour.


Care is taken to judge the length of all lessons according to horse and rider fitness, age and ability.

Side saddle lesson's to be given on your own horse or pony, although I am happy to introduce your horse to side saddle, this will depend on saddle fitting and suitability of mount.

Also available for demo's for riding clubs or groups.

Flatwork  / jumping  

Private                                                                    £25                    

Semi private 2 riders                                             £20            

Groups between 3 and 5 riders                           £18          


Cross country                                                      

Private                                                                    £25

semi private                                                           £20

Groups                                                                   £15  


Side saddle  

Own saddle                                                           £35            

My saddle                                                              £50




Looking at potential purchase, price dependant on distance and time.







Accompany hunting for day                       Client to pay cap

                                                                  £50 per day


Hunting bed and breakfast                         by arrangement





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